Novecento è un testo nato per il teatro e sul palcoscenico trova tutta la forza, l’espressività e la poetica della scrittura di Baricco. L’attore prende per mano il pubblico e l’accompagna in questa storia onirica e simbolica.

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Make an impressive welcome to your dance festival and share all the details on upcoming events & shows with the interactive showcase, the amazing masonry sections and more. You can also let visitors subscribe to your newsletter.

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Interactive showcase

Not only can you grab the attention of your audience with the interactive full screen play showcase but you can also display the specific info on each performance or play with this homepage layout – all followed with a striking hover effect.

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All in one place

To be or not to be, that’s no longer a question because you can now share the stories about your plays or upcoming shows through neat blog posts or provide visitors with details about actors and their biographies with no effort.

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Great artists deserve a great presentation. Created with all the theatre artists in mind, this layout allows you to share your biography together with a gallery or a video of your performances. Make it complete by adding a simple contact form.

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It’s easy to introduce the entire troupe in a captivating way, with elements made to put a spotlight on every important presentation segment. Besides embedding videos and making parallax sections, you can also let visitors get their tickets with ease.

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